Baccarat has been played for centuries with both France and Italy claiming the fame. There is little to determine exactly where it started but the fictitious tale behind the game is rather interesting.

The rules of the game are based on a virgin that had to throw a nine-sided dye that would determine her fate. If she threw an 8 or 9 she would be elevated to become a priestess. If the dye fell on a 6 or 7, she would be allowed to live but could not take part in any religious ceremonies. And, if the dye landed on anything lower than 6, she would be banished to sea to drown.

No one knows exactly what happened at the end of the mythical tale but it is true that the basic rules of baccarat are still the same. No, you won’t be banished to sea to drown if you get lower than a 6, but unfortunately you will lose the game.

Now, it is also important to know that you bet on the outcome of the game. So, you will have the option to bet on the player, the banker or a tie. The house edge of baccarat is the lowest that you will find (except for craps) when playing at an online casino so it actually comes as a big surprise that it is not played more often.

Many years ago it was exclusively played by aristocrats, noble men and Kings but Mr. James Bond put a spotlight on the game and soon after Vegas casinos developed clever marketing tactics to promote this exciting game. Well, it worked because you can now play many different variations of baccarat at many different live casinos.


  • Basic Baccarat

The game begins with placing bets on the banker, the player or a tie. Once the bets are placed two cards are dealt to the player. The main aim of the game is to score a 9. The face values of the cards determine the value and an Ace is worth 1. The banker also receives two cards.

If the player’s value is less than 5, another card will be dealt. And, if the banker’s cards total less than four, the banker will receive another card.

If this is not the case, neither the banker nor the player will receive a third card. The winner is the one with a total closest to nine.

When your hand exceeds a total of 10, the first digit will fall away so if a player gets an 8 and a 10, the total is 18 but the 10 will fall away, which will give the player an 8.

  • Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer is mostly played n Europe and each player takes turns to be the banker. So, you will not be betting on the banker or the player, instead you will either be the banker or the player.

But, you also have the option to decline this role. Chemin de Fer also has another twist where the player is not forced to hit on five. This means that the player can force the banker to play more aggressively if they choose to hit on five.

  • EZ Baccarat

EZ has been played for over 10 years in Vegas casinos and has a few extra rules that make the game more exciting. When you play basic baccarat, you will be charged a 5% commission when betting on the banker. Why? Because the banker has a 1% better odd of winning than the player.

When playing EZ Baccarat however, you are not charged a commission fee when betting on the banker but when the banker gets three cards that add up to seven, it results in a ‘push’ and no one wins.

This variation also has two more options for placing bets; Dragon 7 and Panda 8.

As you know already that in this variation it’s game over if the banker gets three cards that add up to seven but the Dragon 7 bet will result in you winning if this happens and you placed a bet on it.

The Panda 8 pays out a winning player hand that totals eight but the total must be hit on the third card. The payout of the Panda 8 is 25:1 and Dragon 7 is a whopping 40:1.

  • Super Six Baccarat

It is also a side bet that will pay out 12:1 if the banker’s hand wins with a total of six and you can bet on a super 6 for each hand you play. You can also play super six plus that will pay out 12:1 when the banker’s hand wins on 6 with two cards but 20:1 if the total of 6 occurs on the third card.

  • Three-Card Baccarat

This variation is more like the traditional baccarat variation where the emphasis is on the face cards. The best hand is three face cards and if it is a tie, the person with the most face cards wins. You can also bet on ‘three faces’ that will pay out 96:1 when the banker hits three face cards.

  • Super Pan 9

As in Chemin de Fer this variation of baccarat sets the player against the banker so you won’t be able to bet on one hand or the other. There are no 7’s, 8’s 9’s or 10’s when playing Super Pan 9 but your aim is still to get a total of 9. Double digits totals will have the left digit removed, which will leave you with a single digit total.

All players and the dealer are dealt three cards face down