Sink your teeth in the Dish of the Day at 32Red Casino

There are not many people who play online casino games on a daily basis, with the majority of slots enthusiasts dedicating the weekends for this activity. Nevertheless, every online casino has a dedicated fan base that is just as active throughout the week and these loyal customers deserve a just reward. At 32Red Casino, they are provided with the rare opportunity of winning free money every day without doing anything special, except for enjoying their favorite titles.

Dish of the Day was announced earlier this month but it is still going strong, with more players jumping on the bandwagon every week. is where the details for this promotion and new campaigns are made available by the online casino. In a nutshell, players are randomly selected among those who play on real money and those who receive an invitation by e-mail, can hope to round up their bankroll the very next day.aboutbacca

The amounts differ and there is no way of knowing how much you won, until the funds are actually credited to your account. All that players have to do is to log in each day and check their inbox for messages, as these e-mails contain all the necessary instructions. The promotion started on July 15 and ran for consecutive weeks, with 32Red Casino being more than willing to expand it in August.

Bear in mind that the money won as a result of being selected for this promotion is credited to the online accounting the form of bonus money. This means that players are unable to withdraw the amount before meeting certain wagering requirements and they only get to keep their profits. On one hand, they can go for the riskier strategy, which implies that they select high return games, but also carry a high house edge, or play it safe and settle for smaller profits.

At the end of the day, the most important fact is that they don’t risk their own money regardless of how they decide to take advantage of the bonus funds. There are no restrictions whatsoever regarding the online casino games, players are unable to use these funds for wagering on sports or playing poker. Any attempts of withdrawing the money before the play through requirements are met which results in the forfeit of the bonus, so players should clear the amount before cashing it out.