Baccarat online casino gameBaccarat has been played for centuries and is based on an Italian legend of a virgin that had to throw a nine-sided dye that would determine her fate. If she threw an eight or a nine, she would become a priestess. If she threw a six or seven she was allowed to live but was no t allowed to take part in any religious ceremonies and if she threw six or lower, she would be banished to sea to drown.

The basic rules of baccarat are still the same although you will not be sent to sea to drown if you have six or lower. You will, however, lose the game and if you have an eight of a nine, you will win.

Baccarat used to be played by Kings and aristocrats and has always been known as an elite game. But, thanks to James Bond and a few marketing strategies of Vegas casinos, the game has become increasingly popular especially at online casinos. Players can now enjoy many variations of the game with many betting options which makes it accessible to any player.

The basic rules of baccarat require the player to get as close to 9 as possible. Two or three cards are dealt and there is no busting option in the game. Another drawing point of this game is that it has a very low house edge. Suits, pairing, and straights are not relevant, an ace is worth 1 and all face cards are worth 0.

When the value of your hand exceeds 9, counting starts from scratch and when the value of the players’ cards are less than 7, the player can request a third card. Should the player have a total of 8 or nine, the highest number wins the game.


When playing Chemin de Fer, one player at the table is the banker and the other players are punters. The banker deals the cards and determines the wagering amount after which the other players have a choice to either match the current banker with a wager of the same amount (referred to as ‘go bank’) or players can take turns to make their own wagers. Baccarat online

Only one player can ‘go bank’ in each round and after all wagers are placed, the amount of the player’s wagers gets measured by the amount of the bankers wagers. If the amount of the players wagers are lower than the amount in the bank, bystanders have the opportunity to put in their own cash to make up the difference.

After this, the banker deals two cards (face down) for the banker and two cards for the table, which is shared by all the players that placed wagers. Usually, the player that placed the highest wager will represent the other players.

If the player or the banker has an 8 or a nine, the cards are compared immediately. If they do not have an 8 or 9 they both have the choice to be dealt with a third card face up. After this, the winner is confirmed.

If the player has the strongest hand, the betting amount will be returned to the player plus the same amount from the bank which means the player doubled their money. The banker role is also then given to another player at the table. If the banker wins the game, he remains banker and all money goes into the pot.


In this variation of baccarat, the banker is determined at the beginning of each round. There are three decks of cards in the shoe deck and once this is shuffled the player is dealt two hands and the banker one hand.

One hand is dealt on the one side of the table and on the other hand is dealt on the other side of the table. Players then have the opportunity to either bet on their side of the table or on both players hands. If this is the case, the bet is moved to the middle of the table.

When a player decides to ‘go bank’, they will take the seat of the banker if they win. Players only have three opportunities to do this and if all is unsuccessful, they are not allowed to make a second attempt to bust the same banker.

This variation of baccarat is very popular in Europe and when playing at an online casino, the casino will act as the banker which gives the player the opportunity to make higher bets. Baccarat Bank can be played with only one player while Chemin de Fer requires at least two players before the game can start.


In Punto Bunco, players bet on the player or the banker after which the cards are dealt. The one who has a hand with a value closest to 9, is declared the winner. If you decide to bet on the player, you will need to place your chips in for of the numbered seat. If you decide to bet on the banker, you need to give your chips to the banker who will put it in a small box. Baccarat casino game

You will also have the opportunity to bet on a tie but this is almost unheard of because the odds of betting on the banker and the player are much better and almost the same.

When the bets are places the player in seat 1 will take over the role of the banker and will start dealing cards to the middle of the table.

The first card is dealt for the player, the second for the bank, the third for the player and the fourth for the bank. Once all four cards are dealt, the player and banker can decide whether they want a third card. After this, the winner is determined.