Strategy in baccarat

Baccarat has a sense of mystery to it. Maybe because it was made ever so popular by the one and only Mr. Bond or maybe because it has been played for hundreds of years. Whatever the reason may be, some people think of it as a complicated game. The truth is that it is one of the most basic and enjoyable games that is offered by online casinos.

The games is not based on skill but on luck. Once you’ve placed your bet, you sit back and watch the game unfold. You either bet on the banker, the player or a tie, yes it’s that simple.

There are however a few tips and strategies that can help you a great deal along the way.


You will first need to understand the numbers of baccarat. It actually has the lowest house edge (along with craps) that you will find in all casino games. The house has only 1.4% advantage on bets on banker which is incredibly favourable for you as a player.

In the game of baccarat the players hand will win 44.62% of the time and the hand of the banker will win 45.85% of the time. So, the odds of the player-hand winning is just a little bit lower than the odds of the banker’s hand winning.

The pay-off for a tie is 8-1 and although it might seem incredibly exciting to bet on a tie, you must remember that a tie only wins 9.53% of the time.

If you don’t take the tie into consideration, the banker will win 51% of the time. The odds are actually more than the flip of a coin, so it is always advisable to bet on the banker.


If you take high roller tables out of the equation, minimum bets are generally $25 and maximum bets will be around $100. You have three choices. You can bet on the player, the banker or a tie. As previously explained, the odds of a tie is much lower and it has a 14% house edge.

Because of this it does not make mathematical sense to ever bet on a tie. However, if you feel that it might be your lucky day, go for it. If you don’t want to lose your money at a rapid speed, it is advisable that you don’t make a habit out of it.

The banker knows what is needed to win before deciding whether to draw a card so the odds of the banker’s hand winning will always be slightly higher. If a player wins a banker-bet, the players needs to pay a 5% commission to the house but this makes sense because it evens out the odds, a little.

Again, it is always better to bank on the banker, unless you want to enjoy the excitement of betting on your own hand.


Many players believe that if they keep track of the wins and losses, they will be able to find a trend. The truth is that it is the long term odds will have no influence on the short term results.

Even if the banker has had a winning streak and won 15 times in a row, the banker will still win more than half of the times. It is still used by many players and seem to be a popular method so it is up to you to decide whether you want to test it or not.


Card counting has always been an incredible popular method in baccarat. The idea is to figure out when it will be better to bet on the player or banker, depending on the cards that have been dealt.

You will need to play a version of baccarat with a 6 or 8-deck shoe. Many believe that you need to be a genius to learn this technique but it is actually incredibly straight forward.

The strategy is based on the number 16. If your count is less than 16, you should bet on the banker, if it is higher than 16, bet on the player.

You count as follows:

Count 1 – ace, 2 and 3

Count 2 – card with a 4 value

Count -1 – 5, 7, 8

Count -2 – card with a 6 value

Count 0 – King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9

Misleading Bonus Offers in Online Casinos

Putting your money into the wrong online casino could be a risky business, as odds are usually in favour of the house. Most players who play casino games online are aware of the risk to reward ratio and take calculated decisions.

However, there’s a marked difference between reputable online casinos who are upfront with their terms, and those who tend to bewilder its users with the way they work.

For example, a recent trend in casino advertisements has become the cause of major concern for casino regulation authorities and players alike. These ads are designed to mislead players into tying up more money into their accounts or falsely advertise bonuses that never materialize.

A number of leading online betting and casino operations have come under the scrutiny of relevant authorities due to advertising malpractices. Some were handed heavy fines, while others had a threat to their business licenses.

If you’re an avid online casino gambler, chances are that you’ve received such fake or misleading promotion offers as well. Here are some of the ways disreputable casinos fool you into tying up your money with their accounts.

Fake Deposit Bonuses

Offering new or existing players deposit bonuses is a regular feature in the casino industry. Legitimate emails offering 100% deposit bonus or free bets upon deposit are pretty common, however players can also be mislead into fake bonuses that introduce arbitrary clauses later on.

Some of the offenders were found to offer bonus credit based on country restrictions which were not mentioned in the terms or in the original email. As a result, the recipient of the mail makes a deposit but the bonus never arrives.

Claiming Expired Promotions

Another nifty little trick up the sleeves of less reputable casino operators, is to send promotional emails without any mention of any expiry dates. Once members fall into the trap and deposit money, the bonus never arrives, as operators claim that the promotion has expired.

Tangled Terms and Conditions

Sometimes the bonus offered could itself be legitimate, but tangled in so many terms and conditions that it’s impossible to reap the full rewards of the promotion. This is often the case with free bets.

Free bets offered could be subject to a large number of conditions which include playing a paricular number of games within a specific period with a certain amount of money. In most cases, an effort to exploit the promotion actually ends up tying up more money than one can make.

Being Vague

Lying about offers or applying non-existent restrictions on offers is a punishable offence for casinos. Hence, most of the time they just make do with being vague. These ambiguous promotions are crafted in such a way that the offer could mean a number of things.

When the time comes to make good on their offer, they can just claim to the user that the offer meant something else, rather than what the user thought. This is a commonly-used tactic, as it’s hard to penalize an advertisement that could mean multiple things, and is technically not lying to the user.

Fine Print

An age-old classic when it comes to misleading punters is the fine print, which still works like a charm for online casinos. An offer or promotion could come with fine printed terms hidden in an obscure part of the mailer, the website or the bonus link which legally makes their restrictions binding. Consequently customers may end up depositing money for a bonus they are never going to get.

Misusing Television Media

Promotional ads shown on TV have been known to mislead customers even more, due to the short time slots they occupy. During the few seconds the ad is on air, viewers only focus on the big font letters or the voice-over. The screen might have smaller fine text that gets ignored.

Now that you know how sincere gamers are often “taken for a ride” by casinos, here are some simple steps one can put to practice, to protect themselves against such false advertisements and misleading campaigns.

  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is: whenever there’s a promotion that offers a substantial amount of bonuses, there could be a catch to it. Assessing whether the commitment is worth your deposit could save you a lot of trouble.
  • Read the fine print: this is absolutely mandatory, and when it comes to money and casino promotions there’s no exception to this rule. Reading the terms and conditions of any offer in detail can help reveal any loopholes and hidden traps within the offer.
  • Understand the terms and conditions: this is particularly important for promotions validated by customer support staff beforehand, as it acts as written proof that can be used if the casino goes back on its word and tries to nullify the bonus.
  • Avoid promotions with too many terms and conditions: plain and simply, these are better left alone. Unrepeatable casinos have been known weave a web of conditions that look simple but are extremely difficult to meet.
  • Ask for clarification when it comes to vague promotional offers: this should be done by speaking to a representative from the customer support team, prior to making any deposits.
  • Calculate the risk to reward ratio: always ask if what you could gain from the promotion outweighs what you could lose.

In Summary

All of these techniques to honey trap the gamblers in to pouring in money and gain their deposits, citing non-existent terms have been prevalent in the gambling industry for decades. For their part, customers often rush to make use of any and all discounts or bonuses offered by casinos in the hopes of making some extra cash.

Whilst the industry as a whole takes necessary steps to avoid ambiguity, ensuring its collective reputation is maintained, players should also take time to find, read and understand the terms and conditions associated with each offer. After all, a little bit of caution and due diligence can go a long way!

Baccarat and the Beatles

If you’ve watched a James Bond movie, you will know that Baccarat is his favourite casino game. It is featured in almost all of the movies and has become a trademark of the 007 legacy. What you most probably don’t know, is that the best stint of Baccarat in a movie is undoubtadly A Hard Day’s Night. Although it was released back in 1964, it remains absolutely brilliant.

The movie is about a concert the Beatles need to perform in London so they leave their native Liverpool for the big city lights. It gives you a glimpse of all the difficulties they need to overcome but in true Beatles style the performance is successful. Although The Beatles are the main characters of this movie, it is the grandfather that steals the limelight with his love for baccarat.

He is a novice but has an incredible weakness for the tactful game. The old man decides to go gambling for a few nights and drinks one drink after the other at the casino bar. He plays hand after hand but doesn’t know anything about the game. He blunders up the terms and calls bingo ‘banco’ but incredibly wins a lot of money. It has a ironic twist when he walks away penniless after paying his bill at the casino bar. If nothing else, it was one night to remember.

The game is described in great detail in this movie and the character of the old man makes it really fun to watch. It is a absolute must see for any Baccarat fan out there.

Daily free spins up for grabs at Betfair Casino

Playing casino games on a daily basis can both entertaining and tiresome, but Betfair Casino helps you keep the balance in the favor of the former. Those who have an account and login on a daily basis, will be automatically enrolled on a special promotion that begins in February. The name of this campaign is Winter Warmer Slot and the name gives some powerful hints about what the online gambling operator hopes to achieve.

Daily free spins up for grabs at Betfair CasinoThere is no better way of worming the hearts and minds of customers, then by matching their deposit, offering free spins and boosting payouts. This promotion does all this and much more, while being open to all those who are about 18 years old and accept the conditions and terms associated to this campaign. In order to qualify for one of the numerous prizes, players must make a deposit and play one of the slot machines available on the long list presented by Betfair.

This is the only commitment that players need to make and those who abide by these requirements will be notified by the customer support if they win. It is not possible to miss out on the payouts, because all winners will receive an email immediately after they were selected. Speaking of which, the process is absolutely random so all the members will start with the same chances and there are no favorites for underdogs. Players should refrain from opening multiple accounts, because instead of getting a competitive edge over the pack, they will have their accounts locked, and the bonuses seized.

If you received cash, then you should know that the money is subject wagering requirements and it can only be cashed out after these are met. On the other hand, the free spins recipients will need to use them on the selected slot machines and the profits they make are also supposed to be played through several times. It is not possible to win more prizes on the same day, not even a combination of free spins and bonus cash. The free spins will expire in 48 hours after being awarded, so don’t waste precious time.

There are plenty of games that qualify for this promotion, but just as many that were excluded, so players should better check out the list of eligible titles: Blade, Captain America, Elektra, Fantastic 4, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, Wolverine, X-men, Avengers, Punisher War Zone, Spider Man, Easter Surprise, Rocky, Desert Treasure 2, Frankie Dettori Magic 7, Gladiator, Halloween Fortune, Kong, Spamalot, Mr. Cashback, Pink Panther, Tennis Stars, The Mummy, Santa Surprise, Top Trumps Celebs, Piggies and the Wolf or Funky Fruits Farm on desktop computers. The games that can be played on smartphones and tablets are these ones Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Hulk, Spider Man or Mr. Cashback.

Make easy money with online pokies

Many players are making the transition from land-based casinos to their online counterparts, as they appreciate the convenience of playing from home. All the games that can be played in a brick-and-mortar venue are now available over the Internet and most games are also compatible with tablets and smartphones. Online poker is also on the menu and most gambling operators have diversified their offer, to include Texas hold’em, casino games and sports betting.aboutbacc

Most of the profits made by casinos are generated by slot machines, which are commonly referred to as pokies, by Australian players. One of the advantages of globalization, is that players from all over the world can compete against each other or against the house in online casinos. European players who wonder how to make easy money playing games, will find plenty of reliable online casino operators at

The advantage of playing online pokies is that you get the chance to learn the ropes and wager virtual currency, before making the transition to real money games. The welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions and the fact that the deposits are matched by a high percentage makes it possible for players to boost their bankroll without taking additional risks.

Slot machines represent the vast majority of titles in an online casino, with those carrying progressive jackpots sitting at the top of the food chain. New members can play free online pokies and even experience the thrills of competing against their peers in tournaments. When it comes to winning jackpots, only those who have a real money account and bet the maximum coin size can dream about winning a fortune with one spin.

Playing in an online casino also has the advantage of providing more freedom in terms of payment methods, with all major credit cards and e-wallets being accepted. Depending on their location, members can wager in different currencies and have the bonus is credited in currency equivalent. The only difference consists in the percentage at which the first deposit is matched, with the wagering requirements being usually the same.

Web pokies are the perfect choice for those who hope to clear bonuses quickly, because these are the games that have the best clearing rate. Each type of game has a different percentage contribution, with online pokies being the only ones that count for 100%. Add to this the fact that they abound in wild and scatter symbols, which boosted payouts, trigger free spins and bonus rounds and you’ve got yet another reason to spin the reels.

Under normal circumstances, there is an indissoluble link between the amount wagered by players and the potential profits. The more you invest in poker machines, the bigger the chances to win a significant amount, but progressive jackpot slots are the exception. Major Millions and Mega Moolah make millionaires every year and some of the biggest winners claim the top prize while venturing double-digit amounts. Strictly for entertainment purposes, free online pokies can provide members with the adrenaline rush they seek without the inherent risks of playing in a casino online.

South Park: Reel Chaos slots go live at Mr Green Casino

South Park is one of the few cartoons that are equally attractive to kids and adults, although the latter are more suited to watch the TV show. Another thing that makes it special is the fact that even though they didn’t have the best graphics, the quality of the dialogue and the driving idea of the show kept it popular.aboutbaccarat

The South Park: Reel Chaos slots have the upside of looking great and they are also full of substance, something that attracts thousands of players. Recently introduced, it already enjoyed plenty of coverage at Now that Mr Green Casino has introduced them to their own audience and runs a special promotion dedicated to these games, their popularity with only surge.

The well-known characters returns on the reels and just as the name of this slot machine suggests, the main villain here is Prof. Chaos. In order to spread chaos, he will need the assistance of Gen. Disarray, with these two wannabe bad guys trying hard to achieve their devious plans. Luckily for the town folks, there are a couple of heroes who resist and those who enjoy the TV show will surely remember them.

Eric Cartman is: The Coon! and he promises to be everything that South Park residents ask for, when they start looking for a superhero.

Kenny McCormick is: Mysterion! and he is the one to oppose Prof. Chaos with his bare fists, while as far as players are concerned, this character will trigger the release of multipliers.

Kyle Broflovski is: The Human Kite! has the ability of turning the reels into turning wilds, which in turn maximize regular payouts, by boosting them with bonuses.

Stan Marsh is: Toolshed! is another mighty character that has the mental ability of triggering multiplying respins, whenever certain winning combinations are hit.

Having an account with Mr Green Casino pays off once again, because this is where the South Park: Reel Chaos slot game surface first. There are numerous wild symbols and just as many scattered ones, so bonus rounds and free spins are guaranteed. Players who get to start the Victory Bonus round, can greatly enhance the size of their profits, so this is the outcome that they should be rooting for.

£5000 to be won playing Jurassic Park slots at Mr Green Casino

Mr Green Casino has announced a brand-new promotion for the Jurassic Park slots, which makes this game the most appealing of all those in their offer. Not so long ago, they invited players to spin their wheels and compete for the top prize, which consists of an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii. This should be an incentive strong enough for players to spend some time playing this game, but if you are not in the mood for a long voyage, know there is more than meets the eye about these slots.aboutbac

For an entire week, players who choose Jurassic Park are going to compete for a total reward of €5000, which will be divided among the most successful players. As they try to take down the big prize, players will also uncover wild and scatter symbols, which have the potential of boosting payouts and awarding free spins. The wild symbol will replace any other signs of the reels, while the scattered can be used in winning combinations and unlock as many as 25 free spins.

Another special symbol that players should be looking for is the John Hammond character, which is at the cornerstone of the aforementioned promotion. If you have an account with Mr Green Casino and play Jurassic Park slots by the end of the week, you should know that the number of Hammond signs will determine the amount of the payouts. There are three distinct challenges that players are supposed to compete as you can see above:

  1. 3 John Hammond symbols on any winning payline
  2. 4 John Hammond symbols on any winning payline
  3. 5 John Hammond symbols on any winning payline

It is not going to be easy to go through all these challenges, especially with this competition being actually a race between Mr Green Casino members. On the other hand, the effort is worth making, because you don’t get the chance to compete for €5000 while playing an immensely popular slot game too often. Depending on how many players meet the requirements and complete all the challenges, the amount will be given to a single winner or split among several ones.

Those who don’t succeed in completing all of them, but unlock one or two challenges, should know that each John Hammond line will make them eligible for a cash prize. The money differs, so you also need to be lucky to scoop the top prize, but even so the prizes consist of double-digit amounts. Regardless of size, the bonus is not supposed to be played through and the amount can be withdrawn immediately.

Super Soccer Slots Special promo runs live at Bet365 Casino

There are plenty of advantages for having an account with Bet365, but at the top of the list is the convenience of using the same account for betting on sports, playing poker and online casino games. Throughout June and July, members enjoy the best odds for the World Cup 2014 and now that the tournament has ended, players get to choose between a nice diversity of European football leagues.

Other sports are covered, but if you are willing to dedicate all the time to football, know that the Super Soccer Slots Special is running live here. The reason for why players should not miss out on the opportunity is that they can win a nice paycheck of €130 without doing anything special. The campaign began a couple of days ago, which means that newcomers will have plenty of time to offset the handicap and the first paychecks of $100 are bound to come.aboutbac

This is the initial amount that the winners will collect for playing Super Soccer Slots Special, with the prize being awarded randomly. Furthermore, those who spend a lot of time spinning the reels and are successful enough to hit many winning combinations have another reason to look forward for what’s coming their way. By accumulating loyalty points, they become eligible for the remaining of €30.

Not all slot games qualify for this promotion, but six of the most popular titles at Bet365 are, so you have plenty of worthy choices. Football Carnival, Football Fans, Football Rules, Top Trumps Football Legends, Top Trumps World Football Stars and Top Trumps World Football Stars 2014 are the ones to focus on and it is definitely worth checking out this table to know the number of comp points required for the bonus amount to be triggered:

Main Bonus Prize Table
Level Comp Points Required Bonus Amount
Level 1 500 €5
Level 2 1,000 €10
Level 3 2,500 €25
Level 4 5,000 €50
Level 5 10,000 €100

The online casino has no limitations when it comes to players taking advantage of different promotions and it is even possible to participate in two at the same time. If you are a big fan of playing from mobile devices, know that 25% of everything that you lose up to a total of €250 will be refunded through the Mobile Money Back Rebate promotion. You need to make a qualifying minimum deposit of €25 and play the bonus amount through 30 times before being able to withdraw the money.

Sink your teeth in the Dish of the Day at 32Red Casino

There are not many people who play online casino games on a daily basis, with the majority of slots enthusiasts dedicating the weekends for this activity. Nevertheless, every online casino has a dedicated fan base that is just as active throughout the week and these loyal customers deserve a just reward. At 32Red Casino, they are provided with the rare opportunity of winning free money every day without doing anything special, except for enjoying their favorite titles.

Dish of the Day was announced earlier this month but it is still going strong, with more players jumping on the bandwagon every week. is where the details for this promotion and new campaigns are made available by the online casino. In a nutshell, players are randomly selected among those who play on real money and those who receive an invitation by e-mail, can hope to round up their bankroll the very next day.aboutbacca

The amounts differ and there is no way of knowing how much you won, until the funds are actually credited to your account. All that players have to do is to log in each day and check their inbox for messages, as these e-mails contain all the necessary instructions. The promotion started on July 15 and ran for consecutive weeks, with 32Red Casino being more than willing to expand it in August.

Bear in mind that the money won as a result of being selected for this promotion is credited to the online accounting the form of bonus money. This means that players are unable to withdraw the amount before meeting certain wagering requirements and they only get to keep their profits. On one hand, they can go for the riskier strategy, which implies that they select high return games, but also carry a high house edge, or play it safe and settle for smaller profits.

At the end of the day, the most important fact is that they don’t risk their own money regardless of how they decide to take advantage of the bonus funds. There are no restrictions whatsoever regarding the online casino games, players are unable to use these funds for wagering on sports or playing poker. Any attempts of withdrawing the money before the play through requirements are met which results in the forfeit of the bonus, so players should clear the amount before cashing it out.

Baccarat fans will feel at home at City of Dreams Manila

Las Vegas casinos make most of their money with slot machines while table games such as baccarat and blackjack are far less profitable. The reason for why these games fail to generate as much money as slots is that they have a lower house edge and players can further decrease it by applying perfect strategy. Nevertheless, both these titles are immensely popular among casino players and these tables are always full of excited people willing to wager.aboutbaccarat

Baccarat is even more popular in Asia and Macau has some of the most lucrative tables in the world, where highrollers flock throughout the year. This is the only place where they can play for as much as they like and both professionals and rich businessmen are taking full advantage of this opportunity. One of the most luxurious casinos in this gaming hub goes by the name of City of Dreams and even poker room such as PokerStars are operating here.

The success of this venue exceeded expectations and as a result, gamers are facing the very real prospect of having a City of Dreams in Manila. The rumor was confirmed by Melco Crown Entertainment who is the biggest investor and in partnership with DreamWorks Animation SKG, they plan to build the biggest entertainment hub in the Philippines. A lot of money is expected to be poured into this project but past performance suggests that the return on investment will be just as high.

The reason for why DreamWorks was chosen as partner is that the land-based casino group plans on turning City of Dreams Manila into more than a regular casino. While adults will get to spin a lot of money at baccarat tables or their game of choice, children will spend the time of their life in thematic parks that could rival Disneyland. The joint venture has all the support of local authorities, so it is only fair to say that there are no foreseeable obstacles that could stop this ambitious project in its tracks.

It is hard to believe that those who made Macau their gaming hub of choice will leave for Manila, but it is correct to assume that the new City of Dreams will not lack customers. The truth is that there is plenty of money to go around and Asia is big enough for several operators to run successful businesses.