Baccarat fans will feel at home at City of Dreams Manila

Las Vegas casinos make most of their money with slot machines while table games such as baccarat and blackjack are far less profitable. The reason for why these games fail to generate as much money as slots is that they have a lower house edge and players can further decrease it by applying perfect strategy. Nevertheless, both these titles are immensely popular among casino players and these tables are always full of excited people willing to wager.aboutbaccarat

Baccarat is even more popular in Asia and Macau has some of the most lucrative tables in the world, where highrollers flock throughout the year. This is the only place where they can play for as much as they like and both professionals and rich businessmen are taking full advantage of this opportunity. One of the most luxurious casinos in this gaming hub goes by the name of City of Dreams and even poker room such as PokerStars are operating here.

The success of this venue exceeded expectations and as a result, gamers are facing the very real prospect of having a City of Dreams in Manila. The rumor was confirmed by Melco Crown Entertainment who is the biggest investor and in partnership with DreamWorks Animation SKG, they plan to build the biggest entertainment hub in the Philippines. A lot of money is expected to be poured into this project but past performance suggests that the return on investment will be just as high.

The reason for why DreamWorks was chosen as partner is that the land-based casino group plans on turning City of Dreams Manila into more than a regular casino. While adults will get to spin a lot of money at baccarat tables or their game of choice, children will spend the time of their life in thematic parks that could rival Disneyland. The joint venture has all the support of local authorities, so it is only fair to say that there are no foreseeable obstacles that could stop this ambitious project in its tracks.

It is hard to believe that those who made Macau their gaming hub of choice will leave for Manila, but it is correct to assume that the new City of Dreams will not lack customers. The truth is that there is plenty of money to go around and Asia is big enough for several operators to run successful businesses.