Baccarat and the Beatles

If you’ve watched a James Bond movie, you will know that Baccarat is his favourite casino game. It is featured in almost all of the movies and has become a trademark of the 007 legacy. What you most probably don’t know, is that the best stint of Baccarat in a movie is undoubtadly A Hard Day’s Night. Although it was released back in 1964, it remains absolutely brilliant.

The movie is about a concert the Beatles need to perform in London so they leave their native Liverpool for the big city lights. It gives you a glimpse of all the difficulties they need to overcome but in true Beatles style the performance is successful. Although The Beatles are the main characters of this movie, it is the grandfather that steals the limelight with his love for baccarat.

He is a novice but has an incredible weakness for the tactful game. The old man decides to go gambling for a few nights and drinks one drink after the other at the casino bar. He plays hand after hand but doesn’t know anything about the game. He blunders up the terms and calls bingo ‘banco’ but incredibly wins a lot of money. It has a ironic twist when he walks away penniless after paying his bill at the casino bar. If nothing else, it was one night to remember.

The game is described in great detail in this movie and the character of the old man makes it really fun to watch. It is a absolute must see for any Baccarat fan out there.