Understand the aspects of Blackjack and baccarat variations

aboutbaccaThere are not many similarities between the games offered by land-based and online casinos, except the fact that most of them rely on luck. Blackjack and baccarat are the noteworthy exceptions, as they are played by following similar rules and both of them favor those who are skillful over those who count exclusively on chance. That’s why understanding one of them will also help in honing the abilities necessary for winning at the other game, which makes the time spent learning worthwhile.

If you get no satisfaction from playing baccarat, yet you are familiar with how blackjack is supposed to be played, check out a couple of blackjack variations. The rules have been slightly tweaked and this means that players are expected to perform different calculations, which keeps them on their toes and encourages them to think outside the box. http://casinogambling.about.com/od/blackjack/a/blackjackrules.htm is one place for those who want to start research.

Blackjack Surrender has been around for long enough for guides to be made available online, yet there are plenty of unanswered questions. One of the things that players need to understand thoroughly is that the surrender feature is beneficial in most cases, but there are a couple of occasions when they would be better off without it. The idea is to extract value from those occasions when you are the underdog, not focus exclusively on mitigating chances.

By contrast, single deck blackjack is preferred by those who are even remotely interested in card counting, for obvious reasons. With just 52 cards to factory, it is much easier to keep track of those that were already dealt and it is even possible to remember their exact value. Those who play often enough will make use of this information even if they don’t necessarily count cards, so whenever you are presented with the option of playing single deck blackjack, jump on it without hesitations.

Last but not least, we have the European blackjack which is pretty much identical to the normal variant, with just one exception. The dealer won’t be peaking for blackjack, which makes it particularly risky for players to double down or split cards. You can never be 100% sure that the dealer didn’t make blackjack, so exercise caution when investing more money in a hand. If you get to choose between playing European blackjack or the regular variant, always choose the latter as it is much safer and you don’t actually get anything in return for taking a leap of faith with European variant.

Basic percentages to consider when picking up Baccarat

baccaratLive and online casino players who are good with numbers, will instinctively choose Baccarat and Blackjack over roulette or slot games. The reason is that they feel confident in their chances of beating the odds and they like the idea of competing in a game where skill is more important than luck. Another argument in favor of choosing one of these two games is that the house edge is significantly lower than in other games of chance and it can be further decreased by mastering the percentages.

The more you play, the easier it gets but it all begins with understanding the basic percentages and getting accustomed with the most popular betting patterns. What makes the game of baccarat fun is that even though the hands look very much alike and the same routine is followed time after time, players are never reduced to the role of operators. Their strategies can change and are constantly adjusted based on their expectations and shifting from a passive to an aggressive gear can be done with ease at any time.

Baccarat players need to focus on just two hands, the one played by the banker and the one that has the player at its cornerstone. Unlike blackjack, where the number of hands increases if more players sit down at the table, in this case you have just these two hands to choose from. As for the bets, they are limited to three, although players are occasionally provided with the opportunity of making side bets.

The trick about the side bets is that they carry a worse payout rate and as a result players should refrain from wagering on such an outcome. Not many are aware of the fact that the tie bet should be avoided at all times, as it carries the highest house edge of all baccarat wagers. The prospect of winning eight times the investment is always alluring, but what some beginners fail to grasp is that on the long run they are bound to lose.

Some casinos have a slightly better payout for this type bet, going as high as 9.5 to 1 which reduces the house edge to 5% or 6%, instead of the average 14%. Even so, the percentages are stacked against the player which means that savvy ones will stick to the traditional banker or player bets. The house carries a standard advantage of 1.06% when betting on the back, or a 1.24 percentage when betting on the player.

Ever since the game was invented, players tried to find a way around the rules and lower the house edge by using smart strategies. Counting cards has been at the forefront of these tactics for many years now but overall the advantages have been minimal. Cards ranging from 5 to 9 should promt players to choose the player bets, while the remaining cards slightly favoring the banker wager. It is worth keeping these facts in mind, but Baccarat fans should refrain from overplaying their hands based on these assumptions.

Get familiar with elimination baccarat tournament strategies

NEW CASINO SCHOOLIt is not enough to be familiar with how baccarat is supposed to be played, to be successful in a tournament and there are a couple of strategies that anyone should try to understand. The game itself is based mostly on skill but chance plays its part and if you don’t know how to offset the role played by luck, you risk putting yourself at the mercy of your opponents. The fact that you need to beat other players as well as the game makes it much more difficult to triumph in tournaments than at regular tables.

The very fact that more people choose to play over the Internet these days than in brick-and-mortar casinos, says a great deal about the superiority of promotions and bonuses offered by online casinos. As a welcome package, some of these virtual establishments offer players a chance to participate for free in baccarat tournaments. This is a nice bonus to receive when you make your first steps in this competitive environment, but it could be all in vain unless you know which tournament strategies are functional.

Elimination tournaments are among the most popular ones, due to the fact that they have a straightforward structure and don’t take a long time to complete. Players are eliminated one by one as the ones with the shorter stack in front of them are sent to the rail, so the focus of remaining players is to have one more chip than the runner-up. These events are played in a similar fashion as traditional blackjack tournaments, so those who have some experience at these particular events, would have the upper hand.

Risk management is essential, because you need to factor in the risk of opponents overtaking you a couple of hands before players are eliminated. If you find yourself playing the elimination hand with two or more opponents, you need to keep in mind how much money they have in front and what amounts they chose to bet. Based on the risks they take, you can afford to bet a smaller amount for a more riskier bets or do the exact opposite and choose the safe wager.

The best case scenario is to be ahead in chips and the last to speak, as the right course of action would be to mirror the betting patterns of those before you. If they take more chances, you can do the same or shift into a less aggressive gear if it looks like they are playing it safe as well. In a nutshell, elimination backpacks tournaments are supposed to be played one step at a time and is always a mistake to get lost in some ample plan instead of focusing on the pressing matter.

The importance of a solid mental in baccarat

aboutbacPerhaps the main reason for why online casino players choose Baccarat blackjack over roulette and other casino games is that they get to use strategy. Obviously, you still need luck to prevail, but unlike other games that reduce you to the role of an operator spinning reels or wheels, you can improve your chances. Mathematics play the central role in any successful strategy, because players need to have a firm understanding on the number of outs they’ve got.

Knowing when to ask for another card and when to stop is vital, but players need to go the extra mile and factor in additional elements. The best blackjack and baccarat players know how to change their strategies based on the cards the dealer or opponents received. All this information changes rapidly and if you can’t react to it properly, it is inevitable to suffer losses that would eventually hurt your bankroll.

Speaking of which, everything would be in vain without proper bankroll management strategies that are supposed to keep you afloat. Those who want to learn more about money management systems in baccarat should check out http://www.baccaratmoney101.com/various-money-management-systems.html. Most Internet players start from scratch and they have high ambitions, but they should tone them down until their bankroll is large enough to accommodate them.

When it comes to the mental factor, Baccarat players know that when the stakes got high they get under a lot of pressure and sometimes this affects performance. The idea is to avoid playing when you are mentally tired, at least if you don’t plan on doing this professionally. Accomplished players are so familiar with the game that even if they don’t function at full percentage, they instinctively know what needs to be done and adjust their betting patterns with minimal effort.

In baccarat tournaments or at high-stakes tables, you can’t afford to be running on autopilot or to take a steep departure from your standard strategy. Players need to be fully focused at the game, not only to extract the most of each hand, but to achieve some durable progress. The idea is to accumulate knowledge and learn something new from each baccarat session, something that obviously can only be done when you have nothing else on your mind. Internet players should refrain from doing something else on their computer while playing this casino game, even if it is not a very demanding activity.

Extract the most value from holiday season

Extract the most value from holiday seasonAutumn is upon us and winter is coming soon, but online casino players don’t regard this as bad news, quite the opposite. These two seasons are littered with celebrations and festivities, and online casinos are more than happy to increase the frequency of their promotions while offering more generous bonuses. As a result, those who have an account with them or open a new one are more likely to increase their starting bankrolls and even play for free money.

Holiday season can be immensely profitable for baccarat players who prefer to compete over the Internet, and this is the time of the year to make a deposit. Naturally, all these promotions and bonuses will attract a high number of players which means that competition is also increased. Depending on your game of choice, this can be a good or bad thing because you might run into experienced players or take part in competitions that have plenty of people buying in.

Baccarat players on the other hand don’t have anything to worry about because they compete against the dealer and the odds of winning remain virtually the same. Holiday season brings bonuses, therefore you get to choose the one that is more suitable for you and weave a coherent strategy spanning over several months. There are a couple of things that players can do to make sure that they enjoy the best deal and none of them requires a lot of effort and they are not time-consuming either.

Proper research goes a long way and that’s why players should begin by making a list of potential online casinos before making a decision. Check out the promotions and bonuses they offer and compare them to see whether the wagering requirements differ a lot and determine if the bonuses are cashable. There is a good chance to find a promotion that sounds too good to be true, only to discover that the play through requirements make it virtually impossible to actually withdraw the bonus.

Take your time and go a step further by reading forum posts or comments made by existing or former users, to learn if the online casino holds its end of the deal. Daily promotions and one-time bonuses are not to be taken lightly, because these are the rare opportunities that can boost your bankroll overnight. The best thing about the holiday season is that you get to choose the bonus amount that you are comfortable with and players should refrain from purchasing the absolute highest ones.

There is no point in opting in for promotions reserved to highrollers if your bankroll can’t sustain plays at nosebleed games. Baccarat players can benefit more from incremental promotions that are driven by bonuses which can be redeemed several times in a row. To avoid buyer’s remorse, it is always safer to set lower expectations and avoid the less traveled paths because they are less traveled for a reason.

A sensible approach to casino tournaments

baccaratBaccarat is hardly a game associated with big tournaments and most players regard it as a competition between them and the dealer. The house has the first chance of winning, but the odds are only slightly in the casino’s favor, which gives players the impetus to improve their game to the point where luck alone is the decisive factor. Those who plan on participating in major tournaments, should be aware of the fact that in addition to the standard set of rules, there are a couple of additional ones that must be factored in.

Understanding the general principles of tournaments will help you be just as successful at baccarat tables and other casino games more or less related to this one. Those who focus on the specific games such as blackjack, should check out http://www.blackjackinfo.com/bjtourn-basics.php, or other websites that deal exclusively with a certain game. A general understanding of the principles that govern tournaments and multitable games will come in handy regardless of what casino game you prefer.

It is paramount to make the distinction between leaderboard competitions and tournaments, because online casinos have the nasty tendency of misrepresenting the first for the second. The reason for why this distinction needs to be made early on is to determine whether you compete against real people or if your end results depend exclusively on how many hands you play. The same goes for the prizes and their distribution, so that if you beat the odds and emerge victorious won’t be disappointed by the payouts.

Baccarat players should have an easy mission of determining whether they will be pit against a pool of players or if they will have to defeat one opponent at the time. There are advantages and shortcomings to each scenario, although the strategy employed will differ quite a lot. If you play against a single opponent, you need to be more cautious and conservative play is recommended because you don’t want to risk your entire stack in a single hand.

This is particularly true when you have the upper hand over your opponent, as a result of being a more experienced player or for the simple fact that you have amassed more chips. By contrast, when you compete against several opponents at the same time you need to be willing to take your chances when opportunity arises. Unless you double up and take a lead at a fairly early point in the tournament, you will be in serious risk of trailing behind the leading pack, which were eventually compel you to back everything on a single card.

Tournament players need to adjust their strategy based on their relative position in the tournament, and shift from aggressive to passing gear depending on whether they are ahead or behind. As a leader you need to keep your distance and pick up the pieces by pushing around short stackers, while those who are behind should focus on closing the gap. They are more likely to risk the entire stack on the coin flip, but this is a chance they need to take, otherwise the deficit could become insurmountable.

A good strategy can make you a blackjack master

aboutbacExcept for poker, online casino games depend almost exclusively on luck and that’s why at the end of the day it is vital to be aware of the house edge. Blackjack is an exception to the rule, because on one hand it has one of the lowest house edges of all online casino games, on the other it rewards players who have a coherent strategy. Luck is still important, but skill plays the central role and that’s why on the long run those who play by the ear are less successful than those who know exactly what they’re doing.

To improve your skills up to the level at which it actually makes a difference is not too difficult, but the learning curve gets particularly steep after you learn the basics. First of all, players need to learn when it is worth hitting and when they shouldn’t stand, based on not only the cards dealt to them but also the ones exposed by the dealer. These two elements in conjunction are vital for weaving a coherent strategy, but in the end players need to accept the fact that card counting is the essential piece of the puzzle.

The idea is that even though you know exactly when it is wise to ask for another card and when you should stand patiently and hope for the dealer to go bust, this won’t offset the house edge. It would only reduce it to values that are manageable and will make you marginal losing blackjack player, but this is not why people choose this game in the first place. The same applies to baccarat which is played by very similar rules and in both cases it is worth getting familiar with basic card counting techniques.

Practice makes perfect and that’s why both baccarat and blackjack players are advised to count cards in the comfort of their home to get used with the process. It is much easier to do it out of scrutiny when you have all the time in the world and don’t play for real money than in a live casino where everyone is watching your moves. The goal is to know how many big cards are left in the pack so that you factor this element in when deciding whether to keep or stand.

Things turn interesting over the Internet, where online software developers are offering several variants of blackjack and baccarat. The rules of the games are slightly tweaked and players need to go over them carefully, to make sure they choose the game that presents them with the best odds of winning. Once this obstacle is out of their way, they need to adjust their card counting strategy depending on how many decks are used. The more decks are in play, the more difficult it is to keep track of dealt cards and that’s why it is better when possible, to choose your baccarat game based on this factor.

Valuable lessons to learn from Blackjack

baccaratBaccarat players shouldn’t dwell exclusively on their game of choice, even though they can make a decent living by playing baccarat alone. The most tempting alternative is blackjack, as the two games have many things in common and honing your skills in one, can help you achieve better results in the other. Once you master the basics of blackjack, the natural thing to do is to learn how to extract the most profit by using those game mechanics that absolute rookies don’t fully understand.

One such example is doubling down with soft hands, which demand player to shift into more aggressive gear to take advantage of any opportunity that might arise. The stakes are high, because in exchange of doubling up their profits, players accept the risk of losing previous gains. One of the mistakes committed by beginners is to play mildly aggressive, and denies themselves the chance of winning the top amount.

The idea is that doubling up with soft hands is not exactly an action that risk-averse players will fancy, but it is worth giving it a chance for the sake of bigger profits. The circumstances need to be right so only act when the dealer has cards ranging from 2 to 6, while you should be holding a large hand to be overwhelming favorite to win. Players should refrain from doubling down with a soft 13 or 14, unless the dealer holds a five or six.

Even so, the two opponents are evenly matched and it is widely recommended for players to focus mostly on soft totals of 16 or 15. In these circumstances, the dealer is supposed to have a 4, 5 or 6, pretty much the same cards that are recommended for a soft 17. Depending on the type of blackjack that they chose, players should tweak their strategies for playing soft 18s and 19s based on what the dealer is supposed to do when hitting soft 17.

Don’t take any chances by doubling down with soft 19 if the dealer is supposed to stand at soft 17, but play aggressively if he is compelled to hit. All this information can be in the player’s advantage, and even though the house edge is not completely offset, one can reduce it to tiny values. At the end of the day, players can return to baccarat or keep playing blackjack, because this experience can only serve them well on the long run.

What’s the deal with trends in baccarat?

baccaratIn the world of financial trading, the ability to identify a trend in its early stages and ride it until it is finally extinguished, leads to financial gains. Some games of chance are also rewarding those who are capable of picking up on the vibes, but unfortunately for baccarat players this is not one of them. This doesn’t mean that there are no players trying to distinguish between isolated events and a trend, in fact baccarat tables are full of such dreamers.

Hard as it is to accept the fact that the game depends almost exclusively on chance, most of the hands are nothing more than a coin flip. Hence, it is impossible to predict the next result based on past performance and this is the core of any trend. Taking notes and looking at long lists of numbers won’t help either, not to mention that investing in any strategy guides advertising such concepts is a complete waste of money.

One of the main dangers of following the trend is that players tend to chase losses whenever they find a connection between independent events. Among the strategies that players tend to follow when chasing losses is the martingale system which is so popular among Roulette players. Not only this tactic demands a sizable bankroll, but the return on investment is minimal and the risks of losing your entire bankroll considerable. Online and land-based casinos won’t allow players to bet an amount that exceeds the table limit, except for highroller games, but then again at these tables low sized bets are prohibited.

Upswings and losing streaks are inevitable but they shouldn’t be misread as trends, or affect your bankroll management in any way. Knowing when to pull the rip cord by setting both stoploss and top win limits is a must, to mitigate the otherwise unescapable house edge. For more on this matter take the time to visit http://casinostrategy.co.uk/baccarat/advanced-strategies.php.

Cheaters target high stakes baccarat games

Players know all too well that the house always wins regardless of game but some go to great lengths to offset that house edge. The obvious way to do it is by improving your game and using advanced strategies to beat the odds, but there are others who don’t hesitate to take shortcuts. Some of them are trying to bend the rules instead of winning fairly and there is no shortage of cheaters in both online and live gambling, with the game of baccarat being among their favorite targets.

Macau casinos are providing players with a chance to compete at high-stakes and many highrollers travel to this exotic gambling destination for this very reason. Some have their own agenda and they are very imaginative when it comes to conceiving new ways of beating the odds by cheating. They take advantage of the fact that the game of baccarat has its own ritual and many players resort to activities meant to bring good fortune or at least fend off bad luck.

aoutbaccaAll of these rituals open the door for cheaters to interfere with the dealing of cards and the higher the stakes, the more likely it is for casino managers to make exceptions. It is hard to deny a player who wages hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars the pleasure of using superstitious antics. In order to keep them at the tables, they accept the fact that a small portion of them might be trying to cheat and demand surveillance specialists to double their efforts.

The scam artists are well-versed in the art of distracting the experts and go to great lengths to draw their attention away from the table. They interfere with the auto-shufflers and some of them get away with their cheats for long periods of time causing immense losses to casinos. In the end, many of them are caught but until this happens, baccarat tables turn from lucrative ventures into black holes for the management.

The house edge is small but sufficient to guarantee profits on the long run, but this only applies when the games are fair and it can be completely offset by cheaters. It is very difficult to discern between honest and cheating players based explicitly on their results, especially when the latter are not greedy and know when to stop. A high-roller can easily win hundreds of thousands of dollars over the weekend and his profits shouldn’t automatically lead to the assumption that he was cheating.