South Park: Reel Chaos slots go live at Mr Green Casino

South Park is one of the few cartoons that are equally attractive to kids and adults, although the latter are more suited to watch the TV show. Another thing that makes it special is the fact that even though they didn’t have the best graphics, the quality of the dialogue and the driving idea of the show kept it popular.aboutbaccarat

The South Park: Reel Chaos slots have the upside of looking great and they are also full of substance, something that attracts thousands of players. Recently introduced, it already enjoyed plenty of coverage at Now that Mr Green Casino has introduced them to their own audience and runs a special promotion dedicated to these games, their popularity with only surge.

The well-known characters returns on the reels and just as the name of this slot machine suggests, the main villain here is Prof. Chaos. In order to spread chaos, he will need the assistance of Gen. Disarray, with these two wannabe bad guys trying hard to achieve their devious plans. Luckily for the town folks, there are a couple of heroes who resist and those who enjoy the TV show will surely remember them.

Eric Cartman is: The Coon! and he promises to be everything that South Park residents ask for, when they start looking for a superhero.

Kenny McCormick is: Mysterion! and he is the one to oppose Prof. Chaos with his bare fists, while as far as players are concerned, this character will trigger the release of multipliers.

Kyle Broflovski is: The Human Kite! has the ability of turning the reels into turning wilds, which in turn maximize regular payouts, by boosting them with bonuses.

Stan Marsh is: Toolshed! is another mighty character that has the mental ability of triggering multiplying respins, whenever certain winning combinations are hit.

Having an account with Mr Green Casino pays off once again, because this is where the South Park: Reel Chaos slot game surface first. There are numerous wild symbols and just as many scattered ones, so bonus rounds and free spins are guaranteed. Players who get to start the Victory Bonus round, can greatly enhance the size of their profits, so this is the outcome that they should be rooting for.