Conservative plays for blackjack and baccarat

baccaratThe similarities between blackjack and baccarat makes it profitable to learn one game thoroughly, before moving to the other. Assuming you are a baccarat specialist, willing to make the transition to blackjack, it is worth taking into account a couple of recommendations that are routinely used by conservative players. These strategic concepts need to be incorporated into the game, so that you can tone down your aggression, in order to mitigate the risks of losing when competing against multiple players.

Beginners sometimes make the mistake of assuming that the main reason for losing money blackjack is that the dealer makes a better hand. This is just a misconception, because what really happens is that players go a step too far and by hitting when they really shouldn’t, they go bust. That’s why the first thing to do when embracing a conservative approach is to mitigate the risk of crossing the 21 line. Unless you have a weak hand, below 16 while the dealer has a strong one, usually higher than seven, you need to think twice about firing another bullet.

By contrast, if your hard hand is 13 or 14 and the dealer has a weak card ranging from 2 to 6, it is better to stand and wait for your opponent to act. The odds of him busting are higher than making a hand better than yours, so you have more to gain by doing nothing aggressive. In tournament blackjack, you need to adjust your actions based on how much chips you have left and how deep is the stack of your opponents, so this rule is not written in stone.

The idea is to avoid those situations in which you push your luck and hit with less than 50% chances of beating his hand. Some of these rules can be applied to baccarat, but not all of them, yet by constantly relying on a prudent strategy, you can improve both games. This doesn’t mean that you need to go to extremes and miss out on those rare opportunities when you have a clear advantage over the dealer. Don’t hesitate to double down if you have a hard 11 and split a pair of eights when the dealer has 16 because on the long run these hands are the ones that keep you profitable.

Play Pontoon as a diversion from Baccarat

pontoonThe first thing that comes to the mind of those who play Baccarat and seek a diversion from their game of choice, is to play Black Jack. The similarities between these two games recommend it as a smooth transition to something equally appealing and quite exciting. There are various types of black jack to choose from, but most of them a merely imitations of the original, so those who seek something truly different are encouraged to check out Pontoon.

It is guided by rules that any black jack player will immediately understand as they are quite similar to the original, yet different enough to keep the interest intact. One of the rules that players should get familiar with is that the best possible hand besides the Pontoon is made of any 5 cards. It provides players with a strong incentive to keep hitting when they have second thoughts, especially when they have already asked for the 4th card.

On the other hand, you need to stay grounded because greed is a big enemy that can cause you to go bust, so it is essential to fine-tune your aggressiveness. Making a total of 16 by using just two cards will beat the dealer’s 21 if he used three cards and this makes it profitable to double down with such a hand if the dealer already drew twice. Speaking of which, doubling down at any time is possible, but you can only do it once so you need to choose the perfect moment.

There are many players who commit the mistake of doubling down with soft hands, following the rules they picked up in black jack, but this is not the proper way of handling things. The exception to the rule is provided by those situations when you have a soft hand with a total of 4 cards, because the risk of going bust is rendered nonexistent. It shouldn’t take a long time for black jack or baccarat players to master these simple rules, so it is worth giving Pontoon a try.