What’s the deal with trends in baccarat?

baccaratIn the world of financial trading, the ability to identify a trend in its early stages and ride it until it is finally extinguished, leads to financial gains. Some games of chance are also rewarding those who are capable of picking up on the vibes, but unfortunately for baccarat players this is not one of them. This doesn’t mean that there are no players trying to distinguish between isolated events and a trend, in fact baccarat tables are full of such dreamers.

Hard as it is to accept the fact that the game depends almost exclusively on chance, most of the hands are nothing more than a coin flip. Hence, it is impossible to predict the next result based on past performance and this is the core of any trend. Taking notes and looking at long lists of numbers won’t help either, not to mention that investing in any strategy guides advertising such concepts is a complete waste of money.

One of the main dangers of following the trend is that players tend to chase losses whenever they find a connection between independent events. Among the strategies that players tend to follow when chasing losses is the martingale system which is so popular among Roulette players. Not only this tactic demands a sizable bankroll, but the return on investment is minimal and the risks of losing your entire bankroll considerable. Online and land-based casinos won’t allow players to bet an amount that exceeds the table limit, except for highroller games, but then again at these tables low sized bets are prohibited.

Upswings and losing streaks are inevitable but they shouldn’t be misread as trends, or affect your bankroll management in any way. Knowing when to pull the rip cord by setting both stoploss and top win limits is a must, to mitigate the otherwise unescapable house edge. For more on this matter take the time to visit http://casinostrategy.co.uk/baccarat/advanced-strategies.php.

Cheaters target high stakes baccarat games

Players know all too well that the house always wins regardless of game but some go to great lengths to offset that house edge. The obvious way to do it is by improving your game and using advanced strategies to beat the odds, but there are others who don’t hesitate to take shortcuts. Some of them are trying to bend the rules instead of winning fairly and there is no shortage of cheaters in both online and live gambling, with the game of baccarat being among their favorite targets.

Macau casinos are providing players with a chance to compete at high-stakes and many highrollers travel to this exotic gambling destination for this very reason. Some have their own agenda and they are very imaginative when it comes to conceiving new ways of beating the odds by cheating. They take advantage of the fact that the game of baccarat has its own ritual and many players resort to activities meant to bring good fortune or at least fend off bad luck.

aoutbaccaAll of these rituals open the door for cheaters to interfere with the dealing of cards and the higher the stakes, the more likely it is for casino managers to make exceptions. It is hard to deny a player who wages hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars the pleasure of using superstitious antics. In order to keep them at the tables, they accept the fact that a small portion of them might be trying to cheat and demand surveillance specialists to double their efforts.

The scam artists are well-versed in the art of distracting the experts and go to great lengths to draw their attention away from the table. They interfere with the auto-shufflers and some of them get away with their cheats for long periods of time causing immense losses to casinos. In the end, many of them are caught but until this happens, baccarat tables turn from lucrative ventures into black holes for the management.

The house edge is small but sufficient to guarantee profits on the long run, but this only applies when the games are fair and it can be completely offset by cheaters. It is very difficult to discern between honest and cheating players based explicitly on their results, especially when the latter are not greedy and know when to stop. A high-roller can easily win hundreds of thousands of dollars over the weekend and his profits shouldn’t automatically lead to the assumption that he was cheating.

How does commission hurt your profits?

The house has a way of winning in all games it hosts and it is only natural to be so, because otherwise casinos would have no reason to conduct business. This is how things work and there is no point in being bitter about the fact that online casinos will stay profitable regardless of how much players try to beat the system. The right thing to do is to focus on those games that have the lowest house edge, or trade luck for skill in table games such as poker.

Blackjack and baccarat are very popular and constantly gain traction, because they favor skillful players without stripping beginners of their chances to win. A crash course to baccarat can start by reading the articles at http://www.predictem.com/baccarat/strategy.php, but the truth is that nothing can truly replace practice. The house edge is relatively low and just like in blackjack, players have a couple of tools at their disposal to decrease it even further. Card counting is among them, but this is not a foolproof system not to mention that land-based casinos won’t tolerate players who are particularly successful at counting cards.

How does commission hurt your profits

Assuming that you are decently lucky and know the ins and outs of baccarat, you still need to understand how commission can hurt your profits. What makes this game special is that unlike blackjack, players can wager on both their hand and the banker, with the latter being more likely to win. The probability for the house to win is higher and in order to avoid losing money due to players wagering on the favorite, the casinos will charge commission which usually stands at 5%.

Basically those who constantly bet on the banker to win will be stripped of 5% of their winnings and on the long run these losses compound. The first impulse would be to do the exact opposite and avoid the commission by betting on the player to prevail, assuming that these slightly worse odds will be offset by this 5% fee. The truth is that at these values, your chances to win are painfully close to 50% and you need to play a huge amount of hands for the weighing scale to be tilted in either direction.

In most cases, lucks disturbs these fragile balance but the rules state that if the online casino has a commission below 5% it is worth betting on the house every single hand. By contrast, if this exceeds 5% one should do the opposite to come as close as possible to 50%. Unfortunately, the commission needs to be below 4% for the players to actually be favorite to win and it comes as no surprise that casinos don’t allow the commission to sink below the aforementioned value.

Players need to keep their eyes wide open because the casinos have the obligation of revealing the commission they charge and act based on these values. Their chances of bagging more winnings when playing the game of baccarat are better, so it is worth adjusting your wagers based on commission.