US Baccarat players can now use Neteller

The American audience has been deprived of the chance to enjoy the most popular online slots and table games, with many operators leaving this market. This is why baccarat enthusiasts had to settle for life casinos or take their chances by playing over the Internet on websites that run illegally. Some good news are finally at the horizon, with Internet payments solutions provider Neteller announcing its return.


Online gaming clients will be offered payments and corresponding services, to fill the void left by the departure of other operators. Neteller has a reputation that precedes it and customers are thrilled about the partnership between them and Bally Technologies. The US gambling market is not fully regulated, but legislators are making bold attempts from coast to coast to create the legal framework for the community to thrive and more international operators to enter the market.

The partnership between Optimal Payments who owns Neteller and Bally Technologies is a clear sign that baccarat players have good reasons to rejoice. In a not so distant future, players from all over the United States should be able to enjoy their favorite game online without fearing reprimand. Both services have their fair share of customers and by combining their expertise and global reach, they will better serve them. Among their ambitious plans is to bridge land-based operators with those working online.

This is not the first attempt that Optimal Payments makes at returning to US soil, with another partnership established a couple of months ago with Caesars Interactive Entertainment. Nevada is one of the first states to pass online gambling bills and Neteller will be there, ready to serve customers as soon as the legal framework is created. There were some legal problems in the past between the company and the Department of Justice, but they are all behind no and the future is bright for American baccarat players.