New baccarat software tool released by eConnect

Online baccarat players are spending considerable amounts, and they would much appreciate a tracking tool to monitor the progress. Regardless of the type of game that one plays over the Internet, it is very difficult to know for sure whether you are a margin winner or marginal losing. bacarrat

eConnect claim that they have a definitive solution for this issue and announced the imminent release of the Dragon Baccarat Game Analyzer update. Many online casinos are already using software that is compatible with his application, and this is to the benefit of baccarat players. The operators get to spot cheaters and players who collude at baccarat tables fairly easy, which ensures that the other players are enjoying the ultimate gaming conditions.

Even now, the Dragon system is diligently working for the benefit of online casino operators, spotting those who try to bend the rules for personal gains. The new update from eConnect builds on the popular features and adds new ones that are aimed at addressing other sensitive issues. Something that was previously regarded as impossible is to monitor the gains in such a manner that players who are counting cards can be singled out easily.

This activity is not illegal and can’t lead to a permanent ban, although online casinos are directly interested in removing these players from their tables. It is known that someone who has the ability to count cards with accuracy, can dramatically increase his chances and even reverse the proverbial house edge. The Dragon system makes it possible for online casinos to maximize their profits without jumping to false conclusions and alienating honest members.

eConnect software will also enhance all the security features that online casinos rely on, making it much easier for them to pass audits. In the highly volatile online environment, it is of paramount importance to create a reputation and uphold the highest security standards. eConnect was recently awarded the Best Game Protection Product prize for its efforts to create a secure gaming environment.

They excel at providing clients with table games solutions and are also diligently working on increasing data protection. Information needs to be handled carefully over the Internet and online casinos who fail to ensure data safety for their members are losing business. While the casinos are the direct beneficiaries of the announced software update, regular baccarat players are also going to feel the positive effects.

Phil Ivey and Crockfords casino go to court

The time for discussions and negotiations has passed, with Phil Ivey and Crockfords casino square off in court, following a huge baccarat scandal. informs us that the British casino refuses to pay the poker professional the prize he won more than one year ago.


The stories couldn’t be more different, with Phil Ivey claiming that he won the amount fair and square, and he sees no reason for why the officials are not respecting their part of the agreement. On the other hand, Crockfords casino representatives and the parent company from Malaysia are reluctant to share with the media their reasons. Some information did transpire, and it looks like they are suspecting Ivey of cheating, by working together with one of their employees.

There are not many ways in which the game of punto banco baccarat can be rigged, but Crockfords casino suggests that the dealer was involved. The amount that the two parties are wagering war for is not negligible, with Phil Ivey being entitled to $12 million. He won a corresponding amount of £7.3m in August 2012, and he claims that there is nothing wrong about the manner in which he prevailed.

The poker Pro told the media that he was frequently playing at the Crockfords casino in London and over the course of time he won and lost huge amounts. He didn’t say whether he won more than he lost or the other way around, but that is besides the point and only interests baccarat players. On a legal note, his lawyers have told the press that going to court was a solution of last resort but Ivey was left with no other alternative. He now hopes that justice will be served and he has hired British attorneys for the job.

On the other hand, we have the Malaysian gaming corporation who now operates the oldest casino in the UK and who is adamant in its decision not to award Ivey the money. They’re very serious about proving their collusion allegations and if these prove to be true, Phil will find himself in a bigger scandal. The stakes are as high as they get, given the fact that the amount is over $12 million, but this doesn’t seem to be affecting Ivey who is now playing at the World Series of Poker. All indicators suggest that this could be a lengthy trial as many evidence needs to be collected and administered, before a verdict will be made.