The Hall of Fame for Baccarat

Most baccarat players are happy enough to master the game mechanics and decrease the house edge by employing the best strategies when at the tables. On the other hand, there are those who are interested in learning more about the history of baccarat and the ones who are regarded as the best players. One way to get familiar with how this game grew into one of the most popular ones both in online and land-based casinos would be to check out


A more in-depth approach would eventually turn those interested towards some of the players who won and lost sizable amounts, or changed the face of the game by coming up with innovative strategies. Akio Kashiwagi didn’t write any books about how this game is supposed to be played, but some of his accomplishments at the baccarat tables are worth mentioning. Just one decade ago he was one of the few who frequently wagered $100 000 and even $200 000 each hand for many hours in a row.

This made him extremely popular with some of the biggest casinos in Las vegas, as their owners saw the immense potential of having what they regarded as a “whale” at their baccarat table. This also brought him the nickname of “warrior” for his uncanny ability of playing with the same intensity for many hours in a row. As baccarat players go, Akio Kashiwagi was one of the boldest ones and very often he crossed the thin line separating courage from recklessness.

This explains how it was possible for him to win $6 million in a single night playing baccarat, and then lose at the same casino in excess of $10 million. Downswings are frequent with debt around $9 million to various casinos in Las Vegas. They never saw a dime as the famous baccarat player was found dead in his home in Tokyo, stabbed to death by unknown perpetrators that were allegedly linked to the Yakuza.

Frank Scoblette on the other hand is not a baccarat player who spun millions at the tables, but he was an accomplished writer and a very intelligent person. With more than twenty books published, he is definitely someone who can be trusted when it comes to gambling in general and baccarat in particular. He regards the game as the ultimate combination between a lucrative business and an exciting hobby, which explains why his books are driven by passion and enthusiasm.

It comes as no surprise that the book dedicated to baccarat goes by the name of “Baccarat Battle Book” and it was purchased by thousands of amateur and professional players. In addition to writing instructive books and playing baccarat himself, Frank Scoblette also hosts seminars and various events in which he teaches prospective players about the upsides and shortcomings of gambling.

Henry Temburin aspired to be an accomplished blackjack player but he eventually became one of the most famous baccarat players worldwide. After mastering the game and achieving some remarkable results at baccarat tables, he turned his attention to book writing and came up with some instructive titles. It comes as no surprise that he has a genuine talent for writing, as he started at University of Maryland before heading on to Las Vegas to give baccarat a chance.

While he was fairly unsuccessful at beating the odds in blackjack, his baccarat career was much brighter and at the end of the day it was all worth it. Henry Temburin’s affinity for mathematics helped him calculate the odds and device intelligent strategies that could be easily used by both professional players and beginners. Nowadays he is an all-around casino games player and the fact that he lives in Las Vegas allows him to put his theories to the test and prove their worth.