Fast Action Baccarat Launched at the Venetian Macau

Baccarat players have the chance to try something new although fast action baccarat is not truly an innovative game. This title has been around for long enough to make a strong impression on existing players, but it is expected to climb to new heights now that it was launched at the Venetian Macau. The Cotai Strip is celebrating right now and the organizers thought that there is no better way to top it of than by introducing a new version of baccarat. Fast Action Baccarat

Sands China Ltd is the company behind this new game and just as the name suggests, faster action baccarat is aimed at those seeking adrenaline rush. No less than 60 players can play at a table, which means that the excitement will be increased several times by the nonstop action. The organizers claim that fast action baccarat is unlike anything played so far in Macau and are very confident that in a not so distant future it will become the main attraction for baccarat players.

It was only natural for the creators of fast action baccarat to also design a brand-new table, one fitted with an automated chip collection to speed things up. The dealer will be in dire need of any assistance he can get, because the game will flow quickly and smoothly to the delight of players involved. Those who are familiar with baccarat but haven’t played this version before are advised to take their time and conduct some research before sitting down. Whether they choose to watch others play or begin at small stakes, it makes perfect sense not to rush things by playing for serious cash right away. Fast action baccarat is here to stay, so there is no reason to act like it is only a short time and experiment.

Baccarat outshines blackjack in landbased casinos

Roulette and blackjack games are the ones generating the most profit for both brick and mortar and online casinos, due to the high number of players and the relatively high house edge. Recent indicators suggest that baccarat is gradually becoming the prominent source of income for land-based casinos, at least in Las Vegas. Interesting enough, most of the players who spin billions every year in Sin City are not Americans but Asians who prefer Las Vegas over Macau.


MGM Grand’s table games revenue is generated in almost 60% by baccarat games, with some periods like the Chinese new year seeing an increase in the players coming here for this game. Casino officials complain about the fact that due to high taxes and expensive licenses, they’re having a hard time making money and they say that they wouldn’t succeed without baccarat. It is the big whales that generate the real money for Las Vegas establishments, as these are the ones that wager hundreds of thousands on one hand.

If we are to consider the origins of baccarat, we’ll realize that the game came a long way but to some extent became once more a game reserved to the rich. Those who want to read a short history of baccarat should head on to The games are also available over the Internet but online players don’t wager the same amounts as the big-time gamblers that seek action in Las Vegas, or Macau.

Those who own casinos in these gambling hubs say that baccarat games start out as $10,000 per hand and quickly move into the six digit area. It comes as no surprise that more people prefer baccarat, as James Bond movies and books made a strong contribution to the popularity of this game. Smaller tables have their fair share of action, but they pale in comparison with the ones attended by highrollers. These turn into the focal point of attention and generate more interest than the roulette wheel, with the high amounts wagered being the catalyst.

Players love to stick around and see how the action unfolds even when they have no bets placed, but it gets even better when players get involved. Since it is possible to bet on either the banker or the player, one can choose sides and bask in the glory of highrollers or share in their misery. Casinos welcome both types of players, and they have plenty of reasons to advertise baccarat properly since it generated $1.27 billion in 2012. This amount is 200 millions more than the revenue created by blackjack, a game that is played at more tables and in five times more casinos.

For the time being, nothing comes even close to outstripping slot machines of their title, with their numbers inching closer to 200,000 machines. They thrive in Nevada and so do players who prefer the adrenaline rush generated by a couple of spins without risking significant amounts in regular casinos. Now it is possible to play baccarat tournaments as well, and casinos are looking into every potential way of boosting their revenue, using this increasingly popular game.

Highrollers enjoy preferential treatment, and the casinos frequently fly them in with private planes and provide them with outstanding accommodation. Every dollar they spend is worth it, because at the end of the day these whales end up spinning millions and in most cases they lose significant amounts. Keeping this industry alive is quite easy thanks to baccarat, and online casinos serve their purpose of increasing the interest about this somewhat exclusivist game.

In order to retain highrollers, casinos need to go out of their way, because the number of big gamblers is relatively low and not many of them play baccarat. The challenge is to gather as many of them as possible in one location, so that they enjoy healthy competition and feel no need to look elsewhere for a better gaming environment. All this interest for attracting whales could one day backfire, as baccarat is a game that has higher variance and this makes it difficult for casinos to predict results on the long run.

On a good day highrollers can win millions of dollars, and sometimes they don’t stick around for long enough to lose those amounts. The house edge is relatively low and these big spenders end up learning the game pretty well so they commit very few mistakes. The bottom line is that the house always wins, but casinos needs to have some safety margins and diversify their activity instead of focusing exclusively on high paying but potentially risky games such as baccarat.

For the time being, it is worth noting that baccarat is gaining traction worldwide and the recent numbers coming from Vegas are conclusive. The gambling community surely look notice and it is only natural to expect the number of players drawn to baccarat to increase in a not so distant future.