The truth behind the Royal Baccarat Scandal

When large amounts of money are at stake, human nature prevails over nobility and even those who should serve as examples for the masses give in to temptation. The game of baccarat has always been associated to the upper classes and many centuries ago their representatives were the only ones who played the game. Things have changed dramatically in our times, due to the fact that online gambling makes it possible for everyone to give baccarat and even playing on virtual currency is possible.


Those who are interested in the history of the game will definitely wish to know more about the famous Royal Baccarat Scandal which occurred more than a century ago. Frequently depicted in movies and especially James Bond films, the scandal involved high members of the British aristocracy and even the Prince of Wales. Back then it was forbidden by law to play baccarat in England, but the games were going strong despite the rules and there were no investigations bothering the elite.

Sir Arthur William was a shipbuilder and an avid baccarat player and he didn’t miss out on any opportunity to play his favorite game. One evening he was caught cheating by his guests, and eventually they confronted him for removing and adding chips in the game, depending on whether he was winning or losing. Sir William confessed and in exchange of keeping things quiet he agreed not to play baccarat ever again, hoping that the entire incident will blow over eventually.

Unfortunately for him one of the guests must have talked because in the end everyone knew about his deeds and prominent members of the aristocracy shunned him. Lady Daisy Brooke was Prince of Wales’ mistress and the one that is suspected of spreading the rumors, which explains why Sir Arthur William chose to file a defamation suit. Things quickly spun out of control and the scandal engulfed the Royal family as the Prince was named as a witness in the trial.

He had no choice but to admit the fact that he was playing baccarat despite the law prohibiting this type of gambling and so did other prominent aristocrats. This was not the first time when the Prince of Wales found himself in the witness box testifying, as he had to fend off accusations of adultery 20 years before. The trial court his reputation even further, as he had to admit of gambling and failing to report the legal action despite being bound by Army regulations.

The Royal Baccarat Scandal had no beneficiaries because in the end everyone lost, including Sir William who fails to defend his honor in court. He was dismissed from the Army and given the fact that the British aristocracy wanted nothing to do with him anymore, he married Florence Garner and left the United Kingdom for the US. Those who want to learn more about the Royal Baccarat Scandal and how it  affected the game will find more information at

Microgaming reveals Baccarat gold

There are not many types of baccarat available in land-based casinos, but over the Internet their number has been boosted by software developers. Microgaming is one of the leading supplier of games and with online baccarat players demanding for new additions all the time, they were happy to oblige. One of the recent releases is Baccarat gold and ever since it was introduced in early September, it gained an increasingly high number of followers. This version of the game has already gone live in most casinos that are powered by their software, and it is expected for the entire network to do the same.

Microgaming reveals Baccarat goldThe similarities between Baccarat gold and the original game are numerous, so regardless of how inexperienced players are we the new version, they would pick up the rules quickly. While the differences are not numerous, there definitely worth bringing up because they’re meant to simplify the manner in which the game is played. Among the first things that players will notice when playing Baccarat gold for the first time is that there is the card peeking feature.

The name is self-explanatory, with a feature enabling players to rotate or twist the cards to see it more clearly, immediately after it has been dealt to them. One of the advantages of the card peeking feature is that it helps player with their wagering, and simplifies matters for those who are used to play multiple hands. On the other hand, players are reminded not to take excessive chances and dramatically increase the size of their bets even if the odds seem to be stuck in their favor.

Highrollers and those who are aiming sizable gains are the ones who make the most of this innovative feature, when they play multiple hands. It helps a lot to be aware of the cards as soon as possible, as this will help you decrease even further the low house edge. Given the fact that Baccarat gold is a relatively new game, it comes as no surprise that not all players are familiar with this feature. Fortunately the rules and instructions are clear and will help new players get into their comfort zone really fast.

How does Flat Betting work in Baccarat?

Baccarat used to be a game for the elites and for those filthy rich, but not anymore. Now everyone can enjoy the same thrills for amounts that are not only affordable but without stripping them of the same opportunities to win as those of their richer peers. With online casinos being increasingly numerous and the game of baccarat remaining every bit as popular as it used to be, the number of tables and players has also increased. There are several ways of playing the game, but veteran players stick to a select few as they regard these systems to be more effective in beating the odds.


Most of those revolve in one way or the other around the idea that different betting patterns can amplify one’s chances to win. The basic value of cards needs to be properly understood and the relationship between potential payouts and the corresponding risks has to be evaluated. The house edge is very low in the game of Baccarat, which makes it one of the best choices for those who are looking for a casino game that can be profitable on the long run. Even so, the slight edge and the associated loses compound over time and spikes are downright unpreventable, as anyone can go through a rought patch.

Flat betting is an approach that brilliantly combines low risks of downswings with decent opportunities to win money, unlike the martingale systems. The latter strategy is not suitable for baccarat, because if you play the long game the winnings accumulate simply too slow to offset the inevitable losses. When using flat betting, you are focusing exclusively on the game at hand and try to win each individual round, which stimulates progress and will make you a better baccarat player.