Baccarat Banque

Baccarat originated in France but now it is played in casinos all over the world and also online, not to mention that there are several variants. The differences between different types of baccarat are slim, so those who take the time to master one version will have it easy to make money while playing another type. Baccarat banque is one of the variants and at a first glance it might seem more complicated than the original, but in fact it is much easier and represents a great choice for beginners.

Baccarat banque

In the standard game of baccarat, players can bet on both their hands or the bank’s, but in this particular case you can be either the banker or the player and bet on your role. As stated above, the role of the banker doesn’t shift between players and the dealer is always the banker and he has the role of funding the game. Before the Baccarat banque begins, it is decided with play the role of the banker and will be the player, and then the game continues in the standard manner with the croupier shuffling the cards.

It is the banker’s role to shuffle the cards as well and then decide what player will cut the deck, with three hands being dealt immediately after. Two of them are player hands and the final belongs to the banker, which explains why this game is also known as two tables. The regular baccarat banque table has a total of 10 seats with five of them distributed on each side of the dealer. The cards are dealt in front of each player including the banker, and the game is played using a slightly different set of rules.

The player can only bet on his hand and the same applies to the banker, and the player can only place the wager on a hand of a player sitting on his side of the table. While it is possible to bet on the hands of two players, the money has to be placed in the middle of the baccarat table and the total amount has to be lower than what the banker wagers. Another particularity of the game is that a player can assume the role of the banker and in order to do so, he must bet an amount that is equal to what the banker wager.

In case the player wins the bet is allowed to assume the role of the banker, while if he loses for 3 times in a row he no longer has this prerogative. All of these slight differences might sound a bit intimidating, but it takes only a couple of rounds of play time to master Baccarat banque.For those who spend a lot of time at baccarat tables, this version can represent a welcomed diversion if not a step forward in their careers.