Know Lucky Pairs Baccarat inside-out

Baccarat players are fairly conservative ones, and it makes perfect sense to be so because this game has transcended time virtually unchanged. This doesn’t mean that things can stop in their tracks, and online casinos prove every day that room for improvement can always be found. Software developers create new versions and Lucky Pairs Baccarat isone of the most successful ones. This game was first introduced in live casinos, which made it very difficult for new players to join the ranks of veterans due to the fact that free play was not possible.

Now that you can play the game over the Internet, there is no risk involved and picking up the rules shouldn’t take a long time. With Lucky Pairs Baccarat it is all about the side bets, so those who are risk-averse and don’t like the idea of wagering more than necessary, should steer clear of this version. These side bets are not only more expensive, but carry a higher house edge than regular bets and that’s why they need to be understood and used with moderation. On the bright side, this version of Baccarat can be played in the same manner as the standard game by simply ignoring the side bets.

The Lucky Pairs bet implies the player betting that the first two cards he receives will be a pair, and a similar wager can be made for the banker’s first two cards. Nothing prevents the player from betting on both outcomes and cash in on double profits if he is right in both cases. It is quite possible for one of the wager to be correct then the other false, so after the round concludes the winning bets are paid while the losing ones are removed. The game continues in the regular fashion after the special bets conclude, so those who know the standard baccarat rules will have no problem in playing it successfully.

How to value hands in Baccarat

In both land-based and online casinos, the player has nothing more to do than to follow the rules and choose when to bet and how much the amount should be. This doesn’t mean that one should keep his mind busy with something else and pay no attention to the game, or act with complete disregard to hand valuation. The values of cards are easy to learn, because those from 2 to 9 have their face value, aces are worth one point while tens and face cards have a value of zero points.

Since the total value of the cards can’t exceed nine, when the sum of the first two of them is about this value, the tens digit is dropped and only the last digit stands. For instance if the first two cards that player is dealt are seven and eight, 10 will be subtracted from the total of 15 and the final value is five. The decision of whether a third card is dealt or not depends on the value of the first two cards, because if their sum is between zero and five, he will receive the third card. Except for these cases, the player will stand on two cards, and the winner is decided immediately.

The banker is also subject to a strict set of rules, and it depends on what cards the player is holding whether the banker will be dealt the third card or not. If the player has a total of eight or nine the banker will settle for two cards, if the players total value is six or seven, the banker draws another one, but only if his own total ranges between zero and five.

Discover Running Baccarat

Despite the similarities to blackjack, it would take a little time to thoroughly understand baccarat, but those who are ready for the real challenge should check out Running Baccarat. Playtech is the software developer who created this version of the popular game, and the main changes reside in the fact that players can bet at intermediate stages while the cards are dealt. It is to some extent similar to Texas Hold’em Poker although a bit more difficult and definitely not the first type of baccarat that players should begin with.

On the good side, those who are not prepared for embracing Running Baccarat completely, will rejoice knowing that some of the intermediate bets or all of them can be skipped. The same bets on the player, banker or the tie can be made, so some of the basic actions are unchanged. What changes is that after the first cards are dealt, depending on their values and prospect of improvement, the player and banker receive different odds. The player can choose to back the favorite or the underdog, then the dealer will grant the banker his first card and another betting round starts.

It is quite possible for the odds to change but while players can make new bets, earlier ones still stand and the process repeats itself until the last card is dealt. This adds a new layer of complexity and challenges players to stay one step ahead of the game, because otherwise they risk making bets that they will soon regret. Those who have some experience with sports betting and are familiar with Asian handicaps, will easily pick up the rules because the odds are based on the same handicap system. The payouts are made only after the odds are applied, so those who took higher chances are the ones who will cash in on the larger amounts if they are lucky.

Get ready for live dealer Baccarat

Most online casinos now present their members with the chance of choosing between regular games powered by software and their live dealer versions. Roulette, blackjack and baccarat are among the titles that are well represented online, and the live games are particularly exciting. Whether they have accounts at casinos powered by Playtech, Microgaming or other software, live dealer Baccarat is surely on the menu. Each network has a studio in cities such as Riga or Macau and they employ professional dealers that have the skills and experience to create an excellent atmosphere.

Those who have played for most of the time in land-based casinos and were reluctant to experiment with online gambling, will find the transition easier now that live dealer Baccarat is available. They will encounter the same friendly faces and will not miss any opportunity of socializing with their peers and dealers. The online casinos accurately recreate the atmosphere present in brick and mortar establishments, and the chances are high that their achievement outshines most land-based casinos in terms of elegance.

Fairness has always been a delicate subject and many players found it impossible to put their trust and money in computer software. It is much easier to be convinced that the game you are playing is not rigged, when you see the dealer shuffling the cards in front of you. Everything is done in real time, and the interaction between players and dealers creates a sensation of authenticity. Adjusting to live dealer Baccarat should be just as easy for online casino players, who only need to get used to the slower pace of games. Not even the best dealer can match the speed of a software, but this downside is easy to overlook.

The history of Baccarat

Many games that are nowadays played in online casinos have been around long before the first brick and mortar casinos appeared. The game of baccarat is one of them and if we are to look for proof in the past, the first documents indicate that the game appeared around the 15th century in Italy. There is an existing controversy between French and Italian people regarding the nation that invented the game, but the only certainty is that it was played in both countries after 1400.

The name “baccarat” means zero in Italian, which explains why all the face cards and the tens have a value of zero. This is one of the things that don’t concur with blackjack, a game that is very similar to baccarat in terms of game mechanics. The popularity of the game increased as the French royalty played it often, but the day it was introduced to English players was the most important one. The reason is that England acted as a springboard for Baccarat, and from this country it spread to both North and South America. The version that is nowadays played in the US is also the most popular one worldwide.

Those who visit will learn more about the history of baccarat, including the fact that it was for centuries associated to high-stakes. Even nowadays, this game is preferred by highrollers, but those who want to experience the thrills relatively cheap can always sit down at mini baccarat tables. These are present in all online casinos and also in most land-based venues, so beginners have no reason to worry about losing their bankroll before learning the rules.